Investing in bitcoins

Bitcoin is unique in that it is not issued by any government or central monetary institution. It can therefore not fall prey to manipulation or arbitrary management by government agencies. It also removes all unnecessary third parties such as credit card companies and financial institutions. Investing in bitcoin has a number of real advantages but it is also not without risk.

Bitcoin is a digital asset and its price is extremely volatile. When investing in bitcoins, take into account that the price swing can result in significant upsides but also heavy losses. SatoshiTango is not responsible for any losses that come as a result of buying/selling bitcoin through our platform. We recommend to all our customers to buy/sell bitcoin in a responsible manner and to be aware of the market volatility that can result in losses on your investment.

On our website you will find all the guidance you need so you can invest in bitcoins responsibly with minimal risk.

Why invest in bitcoins?

There are many reasons to invest in bitcoin. From a social perspective, this cryptocurrency represents a new paradigm that frees us all from intermediaries that increase the costs of everyday value exchanges and the financial institutions that control the vast majority of the world's money. Other factors that attract people to investing in bitcoin is its ability to be used frictionlessly across borders with exceptional speed and with virtually zero transaction cost for either the sending or receiving party.

Another significant advantage of investing in bitcoin is that operations can be performed at any time and on day; it is not constrained by any market opening or closing hours. Additionally, bitcoin is based on a highly secure technological system that precludes it from any kind of forgery thus it has become known as a relatively safe and secure investment from a fraud perspective. With this being the case it is not surprising that we have seen increasing numbers of people investing in bitcoins around the world and also in Argentina.

Carrying out exchanges via the web with this electronic currency is very easy and extremely fast. In order to get started buying and selling bitcoin we advise that you set-up a buying/selling account that allows you to operate in your local currency. Thus, if you're in Argentina, SatoshiTango is the place to come!

Where to invest my bitcoins?

Investing in bitcoins does not stop you from exchanging this decentralized currency for euros, dollars or other currencies.

Bitcoin is a currency whose price depends on factors of supply and demand. Although it is true that its price has been somewhat volatile lately, in the long term it is expected to end up being a highly valued currency as it is not subject to the turbulence of inflation – the depreciation of a currency that occurs when a government or central bank increases it supply. As we have seen over the last few years, the countries where bitcoin is generating significant traction are those where the national government has depreciated the national currency through over printing and over expansion of the overall supply.

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