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Financial Services based on Technology and Client Focused

We want you to get into the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance world with the certainty of operating with a team of people who work hard every day to improve your profits.

We grow with you, our users who recommend us, write to us and help us improve constantly. We have a range of 14 crypto digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, DAI, USDT, among others, so you can make more and better transactions.

We are SatoshiTango

Leaders in innovation of financial services. Focused on our clients.

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How we started

In 2014, Matias Bari came across cryptocurrency and he was sure he was getting into a world as revolutionary as electricity or the internet. Indeed, he was right. He shared this with Mariano Craiem with whom he had already worked on some projects and had developed a watches e-commerce startup that didn’t work out. A mutual friend introduced them to Nicolas Loterspil and said: “You should definitely work together”. That’s how they decided to innovate the user’s digital financial experience and founded one of the most important financial services company based on blockchain technology in Latin America.

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How we work

We optimize processes to make them efficient and dynamic. We aim for versatility and perfection. By doing so, we run a complex platform in a very simple way and we reduce our time so that our team can assess each client in a very precise and personalized way.

We work with the highest security standards for our users based on biometrics, facial recognition and two-factor authentication in order to provide a better protection for the accounts.

What they say about us

Mission Statement

To provide financial services based on technology and focus on our clients so that their experience is fluent, quick and trustworthy.

Vision Statement

To be the leaders in the innovation of financial services, focused on our clients and with an eye towards new technologies.

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