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Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Buying Bitcoin Cash and its BCH cryptocurrency can be very simple with Satoshi Tango. Find the step by step, when is the right time to do it and much more, we tell you!

Why buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Bitcoin Cash arose from a fork of the original Bitcoin network in 2017. Some time later, this chain forked again into Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC, the latter being the most relevant and the one that took the original symbol for having a greater amount of computing power and nodes. The cryptocurrency of this network is known as BCH.

Being a product of a fork, Bitcoin Cash arises as a response to the problem of Bitcoin scalability. Consequently, its scalability is greater than that of Bitcoin and it can confirm transactions in seconds. In addition, the different network algorithms created by its developers guarantee the security of transactions. Even the fees are considerably lower than those of Bitcoin and allow money to be sent all over the world.

How to buy BCH?

Do you want to buy BCH? From Satoshi Tango we have the answer and the step by step for you. It is very simple! What are you waiting for? Look!

1. Sign up for Satoshi Tango simply and quickly.

Create your account in just a few minutes by clicking on "Sign up". With your email and password you can now have your Satoshi Tango account totally free.

2. Load money with 8 different payment methods.

Enter the menu My Account > money > Load and choose one of the 8 payment methods we have for you: bank transfer, EasyPay, RapiPago, MercadoPago and more!

Buy BCH with money.

Go to the Buy/Sell menu and choose BCH. Your purchase will be stored in your "Crypto Wallet" and you can withdraw it whenever you want in 2 clicks.

Ready! You are already part of the crypto world. Tell your friends how easy it is and earn money with our Referral Program.

BTC vs BCH: which one suits me?

Buying BCH is easy with Satoshi Tango. You can do it by following our step by step and intuitively on our platform. If you still don't have a Satoshi Tango user, you're on time!

Where can you buy Bitcoin Cash?

To obtain BCH, it is essential to have a user with a cryptocurrency broker like Satoshi Tango. You can create your Satoshi Tango account in minutes and invest in this cryptocurrency and many more quickly, easily and safely.

With Satoshi Tango, in just three steps you will be able to create your user and account and start trading. Don't forget to do your own research before purchasing any crypto assets. What are you waiting for? Join Satoshi Tango and start now!

Buy Bitcoin Cash - Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the minimum to buy Bitcoin Cash?

The minimum purchase amount varies according to each broker. To invest in Satoshi Tango the minimum is 10 dollars.

Who backs Bitcoin Cash?

BCH is a decentralized currency, meaning that no one and no entity controls it. This network is tied to Bitcoin (BTC).


Sign up for Satoshi Tango simple and fast.

Create your account in just a few minutes by clicking on “Sign up”. With your email and password you can now have your Satoshi Tango account totally free.

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