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Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Buying Bitcoin is very easy if you know where to do it. In Satoshi Tango you can do it quickly and safely in just minutes. We show you how to do it, what is the best time to do it and much more, join us!

Why invest in Bitcoin?

Before answering this question, it is worth mentioning the reasons why people invest in Bitcoin. We can mention two main reasons: the investment and the means of payment. On the one hand, there is the intention to acquire this digital currency as an investment alternative, given the rarefied and unclear global financial climate, and the lack of sufficiently attractive proposals in which to invest. On the other hand, there is the alternative of buying bitcoins to use them as a means of payment, since as we see the adoption of this cryptocurrency tends to be more and more massive. Once we know the reasons, we can answer that question. It should be noted that Bitcoin dominates the cryptocurrency market and that it is currently the most accepted and consolidated alternative, but we can cite more reasons: the returns received by buyers, which have been simply spectacular, the revaluation of this crypto beyond its short existence and, finally, it is convenient to invest in Bitcoin because it has begun to be listed on different financial markets in the world, which influences its acceptance.

How to buy Bitcoin in Argentina?

The answer is easy: by creating your Satoshi Tango account. If you want to know how to invest in Bitcoin in Argentina, then you are in the right place. We leave you the simple steps to follow to create your account and invest in the number one cryptocurrency on the market quickly, easily and safely.

1. Sign up for Satoshi Tango. Simple and Fast.

Creating your account only takes a few minutes. Enter your e-mail and create your password to obtain it completely free of charge. Then verify it to start trading.

2. Load us dollar. 8 different payment methods.

On the platform you can enter us dollar in the way that is most comfortable for you: bank transfer, Easy Payment, RapiPago, Mercado Pago, credit card and many more.

3. Buy Bitcoin with us dollar.

Once you have us dollar in your account, all you have to do is buy Bitcoin or any of the cryptocurrencies that we offer in our extensive portfolio. Welcome to the crypto world!

How much is the minimum to invest in Bitcoin in Argentina?

One of the most frequent doubts for those who are just starting out is whether they should buy 1 full BTC. The answer is no, Bitcoin can be divided into one hundred million units known as “satoshis”, which makes it easy to invest with small amounts.

At Satoshi Tango, the minimum amount to invest in Bitcoin is 10 us dollar. It's time to buy!

Should I buy Bitcoin today?

This is a question that does not have a single answer. If we trust and want to invest in the long term, any time is a good time to buy Bitcoin since it has shown to appreciate in value over time. If what we are looking for is a short-term profit, the ideal is to buy it at times when the price is falling, trusting that it will rise soon.

Although we cannot give recommendations, what we can do is invite you to investigate to learn about the benefits of acquiring this cryptocurrency.

Where to buy Bitcoin in Argentina?

Today, the crypto world is growing and people are interested in them, so it is normal to wonder where to buy them. The answer is easy: the best platform to buy Bitcoin is Satoshi Tango. And it's not only the best, it's also the safest and most agile, so you can easily invest when and where you want.

Is it profitable to buy Bitcoin?

As we saw earlier, this question may not have a single answer as it will depend on many factors. In principle, what we must take into account is what we are looking for when investing and for how long we are looking to invest. In the long term, Bitcoin's returns were phenomenal and it has appreciated dramatically over the past few years. We can quote Mark Yusco, American investor, hedge fund manager and philanthropist: the price of Bitcoin can go up and down, but year-over-year growth is a very good reason to buy and not sell it.

Your entrance to the crypto world is Satoshi Tango, we are waiting for you!

Buy Bitcoin in Argentina - Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest in bitcoin safely?

Some advice that we can give you is the following: plan all your investments, fear and greed often lead to bad decisions, consider your investments as a business, do not constantly review prices, investigate the market thoroughly and trade with sizes according to your budget.

How to buy bitcoins with us dollar?

At Satoshi Tango, buying Bitcoin with us dollar is easy, safe and fast. Load funds into your account with the method that you like the most and then you can choose between all our cryptocurrencies to exchange your us dollar . Do it now!

Can I invest in Bitcoin with little money?

Fortunately, it is not necessary to buy 1 full BTC, but we can buy fractions of it. A bitcoin can be divided into one hundred million units called “satoshis”, which allows small amounts to be invested. In Satoshi Tango you can invest from 1,500 us dollar.


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