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Buy Dogecoin

Buying Dogecoin is easy if you know where to do it. In Satoshi Tango you can do it quickly and safely in just minutes. We show you how to do it, why to do it and much more, join us!

Why buy Dogecoin?

The history of Dogecoin is well known: two software engineers created this cryptocurrency as a joke, as a parody of Bitcoin, back in 2013. Despite its origin as a joke, people supported this cryptocurrency and today it has a base of huge following, including such celebrities as Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg. So much so that Dogecoin is in tenth place among the cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization.

The idea of ​​his followers is that this currency reaches the value of 1 US dollar, a milestone that has not yet been reached. If we look at its price, we can see that it is below the most important cryptocurrencies, which makes it a good option to diversify our portfolio.

Dogecoin is mainly used as a means to send and receive tips on the internet, mainly in forums such as Reddit, a platform that has had a lot to do with the growth of Dogecoin. Users of this platform have also encouraged its use as a currency to contribute to charitable causes around the world. Remember that Dogecoin is a fork of Litecoin, so transactions are fast and very inexpensive.

How to buy Dogecoin?

The answer is easy: by creating your Satoshi Tango account. On our platform you will be able to know the price of Dogecoin in real time to choose when to buy this cryptocurrency. We leave you the simple steps to follow to create your account and invest in the “cryptocurrency of the people” according to Elon Musk quickly, easily and safely.

1. Sign up for Satoshi Tango quickly and easily.

Creating your account only takes a few minutes. Enter your e-mail and create your password to obtain it completely free of charge. Then verify it to start trading.

2. You pay with 8 different payment methods.

On the platform you can enter money in the way that is most comfortable for you: bank transfer, Easy Payment, RapiPago, Mercado Pago, credit card and many more.

3. Buy Dogecoin.

Once you have money in your account, all you have to do is buy Dogecoin or any of the cryptocurrencies that we offer in our extensive portfolio. Welcome to the crypto world!

Is it worth investing in Dogecoin today?

No one knows exactly what will happen to the price of cryptocurrencies, so there is no single answer to this question. The ideal is to plan what we are looking for with the purchase of Dogecoin and how long we are willing to hold this token.

The main reason we can find to invest in Dogecoin today is its price. It is a cryptocurrency with a value well below the big names, so it can be attractive if we are looking for a diverse investment portfolio. We must remember that one of the biggest supporters of this currency is nothing more and nothing less than Elon Musk, a person who is gaining more and more notoriety and who, whenever he can, remembers his support for this cryptocurrency, which is usually accompanied by a rise in its price.

Where to buy Dogecoin?

Today, the crypto world is growing and people are interested in them, so it is normal to wonder where to buy them. The answer is easy: the best platform to buy Dogecoin is Satoshi Tango. And it's not only the best, it's also the safest and most agile, so you can easily invest when and where you want.

Buy Dogecoin - Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the minimum to buy Dogecoin?

The minimum amount to acquire DOGE in Satoshi Tango is 10 USD

Is it stable to invest in Dogecoin?

The value of DOGE fluctuates constantly due to changes in supply and demand in the market. If you don't like dealing with volatility, you can invest in the three stablecoins we have on the platform: USDT, USDC and DAI.

How to receive Dogecoin?

In “Accounts”, select “DOGE” as currency and tap on “Deposit”. Then, you will receive the address to receive your DOGE. Remember that we work with the native network of this cryptocurrency, sending them through another network will cause the loss of your tokens.


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