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Buy Ripple (XRP)

Buying Ripple and its XRP cryptocurrency is simpler than you imagine. Together with Satoshi Tango do it quickly and safely in just minutes. I discovered how to do it, when is the right time to do it and much more, join us!

Why buy XRP?

It is essential to understand that the objective that motivated the creation of XRP was its use as a token that seeks to facilitate transfers through the Ripple network. Network that aspires to replace the traditional SWIFT system for international money transfers.

XRP is an asset with huge potential for growth and development. In addition, it allows carrying out transactions with low commissions. Even XRP stands out for having become a payment ecosystem that offers its services to banking entities, with the ultimate goal of issuing its own tokens and interacting with the different payment networks.

How to buy Ripple?

If you are wondering how to buy XRP, keep reading that we have the answer and step by step for you. It is very simple! What are you waiting for? Look!

1. Sign up for Satoshi Tango.

Create your account in just a few minutes by clicking on "Sign up". With your email and password you can now have your Satoshi Tango account totally free.

2. Load money with 8 different payment methods.

Enter the menu My Account >money >Load and choose one of the 8 payment methods we have for you: bank transfer, EasyPay, RapiPago, MercadoPago and more!

3. Buy XRP.

Go to the Buy/Sell menu and choose XRP. Your purchase will be stored in your "Crypto Wallet" and you can withdraw it whenever you want in 2 clicks.

Ready! You are already part of the crypto world. Tell your friends how easy it is and earn money with our Referral Program.

Where to buy Ripple?

Buying XRP is easy with Satoshi Tango. You can do it by following our step by step and intuitively on our platform. If you still don't have a Satoshi Tango user, you're on time!

Is it worth investing in Ripple today?

XRP has some characteristics that make it unique, therefore its future depends on many different factors.

The Ripple company has faced several problems with the American justice system. For example, when the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) fined the company for acting as a money service business without being registered.

Then, other events took place, when they were reported by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in which Ripple and its executives were accused of violating investor protection laws. For this reason, experts believe that the future of XRP and Ripple will depend on the failure of this body in this case. According to these experts, if Ripple manages to emerge favored from this situation, it could appreciate even more and could even go public.

XRP is one of the coins that has gained the most value in 2021, starting with a value of $0.22 and reaching a value of $1.83 per token. The future projection may be positive considering the growth it has shown, but this value may increase even more if the ruling of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is positive for the company.

Buy Ripple - Frequently Asked Questions

Which network to use to transfer XRP?

XRP uses its own Ripple network to transfer crypto assets between different buyers.

How to withdraw XRP?

Withdrawing XRP is very easy and it takes just two simple steps in Satoshi Tango. Enter your cryptocurrencies from “My account >Withdraw”. Ready! You can now withdraw your XRP.

How good is it to invest in XRP?

It may or may not be good to invest in XRP depending on the profile of each investor. XRP is one of the coins that has gained the most value in 2021, but it also involves high risks.


Sign up for Satoshi Tango simple and fast.

Create your account in just a few minutes by clicking on “Sign up”. With your email and password you can now have your Satoshi Tango account totally free.

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