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Buying lumens (XLM), the native cryptocurrency of the Stellar network, is very easy if you know where to do it. At Satoshi Tango you can buy quickly and safely in just minutes. We show you how to do it, what is the best time to do it and much more, join us!

Why invest in Stellar?

If you are looking for the reasons to buy lumens (XLM), the cryptocurrency of the Stellar network, here we can give you some so that you can get to know it before investing in it.

Stellar is a platform that is used to transfer digital assets around the world and seeks to allow users to make payments quickly and with very low commissions. Stellar's idea is to solve the problems of those who cannot access the traditional banking system. The native cryptocurrency of this platform is known as lumen, although we usually see it represented with its XLM ticker. Transactions around the world are usually complicated if we try to do them with fiduciary or traditional money, but using this network those problems are over: each transaction in the network has a fee of only 0.00001 XLM. It is a currency designed to convert currencies and not to be a means of payment, as is the case with Bitcoin.

An interesting feature of this cryptocurrency is that it is not unlimited, but 100,000,000,000 have been created that are controlled by the Stellar Developer Foundation. It is added to the list of cryptocurrencies that are not infinite, a point in favor if we take into account that scarcity is usually accompanied by greater value.

How to buy Stellar?

The answer is easy: by creating your Satoshi Tango account. If you want to know how to invest in XLM, then you are in the right place. We leave you the simple steps to follow to create your account and invest quickly, easily and safely.

1. Sign up for Satoshi Tango: easy and fast.

Creating your account only takes a few minutes. Enter your e-mail and create your password to obtain it completely free of charge. Then verify it to start trading.

2. You pay with 8 different payment methods.

On the platform you can enter in the way that is most comfortable for you: bank transfer, PagoFácil, RapiPago, Mercado Pago, credit card and many more.

3. Buy Stellar.

Once you have money in your account, all you have to do is buy Bitcoin or any of the cryptocurrencies that we offer in our extensive portfolio. Welcome to the crypto world!

What commissions must be paid for the purchase of XLM?

At Satoshi Tango, there is no cost to create your account, nor is there any cost to maintain it. When buying crypto, we charge a 1% commission on fiat purchases and 0.5% on crypto purchases.

Where to buy Stellar?

The best option to buy XLM is Satoshi Tango. You will be able to invest in this cryptocurrency in just minutes and safely, since we offer you the best tools so you can further protect your holdings. What are you waiting for? I invested now!

Should I buy Stellar today?

Whether it is convenient to invest in a cryptocurrency or not is an answer that we must discover. We must know in depth the proposals of this project, how it works and what it is for in order to decide whether or not to invest in it. If your idea is to invest in XLM, Stellar's native cryptocurrency, then we leave you a guide so you can get to know it.

The network was born as an alternative to Ripple. What it seeks is to become a universal payment system, where fiduciary money coexists with cryptocurrencies, which are interchangeable with each other and at a very low cost. These are the main characteristics for which it is advisable to invest in XLM, because it is a very good option when it comes to transferring money without borders.

The price of XLM is volatile and changes constantly. If we see its price compared to other cryptocurrencies, we will see that it is located below, which is a good option to enter the crypto world. In addition, one of the most common recommendations is to diversify the investment portfolio, so XLM can become a good option if we seek to achieve it.

Buy XLM - Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to buy Stellar?

The answer will depend on our objective in doing so. If we plan to hold our XLM for the long term, then any time is a good time to buy it.

Can Stellar be used for regular purchases?

Originally, the Stellar network is intended for exchanges between fiat money and cryptocurrencies and not as a means of payment. That is why it is recommended to use other cryptos if we seek to use them for this purpose.


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