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XAUt is a digital token backed by physical gold. Since the times of ancient civilizations, humans have used gold as money and as a store of value. Since then, and especially in times when the market has been in crisis, gold has been used to protect oneself.

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Tether Gold is for everyone

Easy to carry

Carrying physical gold is a challenge, however, carrying your XAUt tokens is as easy as carrying your other crypto assets with you, whenever you need them.

Do trading 24/7, easy

Physical gold trading is limited to location and market hours. However, XAUt tokens can be traded 24/7, all year round from anywhere in the world on exchanges that list XAUt Tokens.

Easy storage

Storing physical gold can be expensive and expose you to geopolitical risks. Storing your XAUt tokens is as easy as storing your other crypto assets.

Your Shopping is Worth Gold!

Step 1

Activate the Gold Rush!

With every purchase using USDt and your Visa Satoshi Tango card, you get a virtual pickaxe and shovel to mine Tether Gold. Gold in cashback, a nugget with every expense!

Step 2

Add USDt to your life

Click on 'Cards' > 'Settings' > 'Debit Account' and choose USDt. As easy as saying 'I want my change in chocolates', but better.

Step 3

Pay and Shine

Swipe your Visa Satoshi Tango card, whether you have it on your phone or in your wallet. You pay for your stuff and earn a percentage in gold.

Step 4

Weightless Gold

Not only did you pay, but in 24 hours you will have 9% of that purchase in XAUt. Wallet and heart happy.

Golden bag
Make your purchases shine brighter than before!

Make every purchase add a golden glow to your day

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